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Calculating the cost of going solar has never been easier for home owners and businesses.

Understanding the cost of converting to solar is tricky

Throughout the world, more and more businesses and households are moving towards Solar Power, the same applies to South Africa. The process, however, is tricky at best. The costs are not clear nor is the conversion process. 

People wanting to move to solar are often left perplexed and overwhelmed by the technical information overload they receive from solar industry professionals.

This results in people being unable to make an assertive decision to convert to solar. Enter Which Solar. 

How affordable is solar?

This is what many people want to know and quickly! Which Solar realised this and summoned Elemental to design and develop a bespoke website that addresses this exact problem.

A fast and super easy to use 
solar calculator was created, to provide the users with the costs and repayment period of going solar, in an easily digestible and understandable format, without all the technical jargon that often leads to confusion.

Having access to this calculator on a desktop, tablet and mobile was a no-brainer, with the site being developed for all types of devices (mobile responsive).


Solar is affordable, now what?

Now that the users have been presented the costs and repayment periods, they are able to quickly and easily decide if converting to solar is justifiable for them. Users who are happy with the costs of going solar are then presented with a list of vetted solar installers, who are in their vicinity.

They are then able to decide which of these solar installers they want to obtain official quotes and more information from, by simply selecting a maximum of three solar installers.

Which Solar then does the heavy lifting of sending the user's requirements to the chosen solar installers and ensure the two parties are connected.

Great Success!

Through a user-friendly and intuitive, desktop and mobile responsive Solar Calculator tool, Which Solar addresses the specific problem of finding out exactly how affordable it is to convert to solar, for both businesses and homeowners. 

With all the information readily available to the consumer and with navigation easy to understand, quick to use, with the ability to connect to approved solar installers, Which Solar assists you in making an informed decision whether solar is for you and your power requirements for your home or business.