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Rockspring - Web Application Development

Rockspring - Web application development

Intelligent workflow software enables successful finance applications

A potentially costly problem

Rockspring is one of Europe’s leading property investment companies. Acquired properties often require financing from lending institutions, meaning documentation needs to be submitted within a deadline and compliant with the lender’s requirements.

This manual process was inefficient and at times resulted in missed deadlines or compliance issues. There was a serious need for a workflow automation tool.

The workflow automation tool was born

An external project management team was responsible for design and specification of the system’s requirements and functionality.

Elemental worked closely with this team to develop the workflow tool as per the client’s specifications.

This web based tool essentially automated all manual processes involved with the funding request. Typically these processes involved uploading, reviewing, approving and submission of funder related documents by various individuals responsible for each specific task.

Rockspring - Web Application Development

Powerful Features

The web application boasts a variety of features and functionality, which allow users to manage and report on various funding projects.

These custom built features include visually appealing dashboards displaying critical information, an automated notification system to keep all stakeholders informed of project movements in realtime, deadline driven workflow functionality to ensure the speedy submission of funding documents and sophisticated reporting capabilities to allow management to review all project related statuses and results.

BOOM! Another Successful project.

This extremely powerful online workflow tool, automates each step in the funding request process.

Staff members and stakeholders are informed of milestones, deadlines and project statuses, ensuring that these funding requests stay on track.

The tool essentially provides a platform which results in funding requests being successfully granted meaning that the properties can then be purchased.

We appointed Elemental Web Solutions as the web development agency for the development of a financial service custom workflow web application for a Pan European based Financial Company. The nature of the web application was highly complex, with various intricacies, business processes, workflow requirements and reporting capabilities. Elemental were responsible for the entire development based on technical specification and related project documentation. To this day the web application continues to run successful with Elemental providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Alex Mchugh Owner