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L'Oreal Paris - Beauty Contest Web Application

L'Oreal Paris - Beauty Contest Web Application

We helped L'Oreal Paris engage with their customers through an online beauty contest web application

L'Oreal Paris - Beauty Contest Web Application

Client Requirement

Elemental Web Solutions was appointed to build a web application for L’Oreal Paris through a third party advertising party.

The web application was to be responsive and allow users to enter a competition by inputting certain information as well as uploading their receipts for products they had purchased. Each receipt would allow the user an entry into the competition.

The competition ran for 10 weeks and the highest spenders were awarded with daily, weekly and a grand prize.

How The Product Took Shape

We initially created the interface designs based on the look and feel of the brand and similar campaigns.

Once the website designs were approved we set about developing the functionality of the web application, which included the front-end (public facing) interface and the admin interface (back-end).

The front-end was built responsively which allowed users on their mobile phones and tablets to enter the competition (as well as the normal desktop method). Testing occurred with various smart devices across all major web browsers.

A custom back-end content management system too was created for the administrators to change certain content as well as view all entries, download purchase receipts and allocate winners to prizes.

BOOM! Another Successful project.

The web application was designed to look elegant yet be really easy to use across a variety of devices. This was achieved resulting in a pleasant user-experience and numerous entries into the web application.

Administrators are able to view all entry details in real-time and allocate winners to prizes through the powerful back-end interface, which again was designed to be extremely easy to use yet be highly functional.

The overall campaign was a success with technology making it easier for all parties to participate in the competition.

We appreciate all the hard work. It's going well and the product is working as intended. Thanks!

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