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Imagined Earth - Design and Development

Imagined Earth - design and development

What is a Reverse Vending Machine?

Recycling was never this rewarding.

Imagined Earth is a revolutionary company, which has introduced reverse vending machines into South Africa.

A reverse vending machine allows people to recycle cans and bottles; upon recycling these items they receive points linked to their profile.

They are able to login to the Imagined Earth website and make use of these points.

Due to the amount of people using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the website needed to work across these devices providing users with a consistent experience.

How we made the technology work

Imagined Earth approached Elemental to turn this innovative concept into a full blown business.

Elemental’s involvement started at concept phase, where specification documents were created. The next step was the design and development of the website and software used to interface with the reverse vending machine’s technology.

Rewarding users for their recycling efforts

Through a user-friendly and visual web based interface, users are able to view their points balance and items they’ve recycled. Users can redeem their points to enter competitions and be eligible to win prizes for campaigns that are running at any given time.

BOOM! Another Successful project.

The reverse vending machines have been launched with great reception by the general public and users who’ve used them.

The website provides users and potential investors with information related to the reverse vending machines.

Custom written software allows the vending machines to transmit recycling data to the website, ensuring that recycling activities are recorded in realtime.

Imagined Earth engaged with Elemental to build a website and backend capable on securely handling user data and facilitating the management of competitions and campaigns. The site was a complex build that required structured, strategic thinking. Elemental were able to grasp our requirements and action them into what can only be described as a world class website and management portal. Professional and to the point. Elemental staff were and continue to be attentive to our needs. Trying to explain an idea in non-technical terminology requires attention and patience, both of which Elemental exuded in our dealing during build. We believe Elemental to be one of the finest back end development companies in this country.

Justin Needham Managing Director