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Heineken - Open Your City Mobile Web App Development
Heineken Open Your City

Heineken - Open Your City

How do you uncover a city's hidden secrets?

The Brief

Elemental was briefed by M & C Saatchi Abel, to create a mobile web application for a campaign called Heineken - Open Your City.

Heineken aims to inspire South Africans to live worldly adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities, finding and sharing new locations.

The mobile platform allows users to sign in with their social media accounts, view and experience other user’s adventures as well as create their own.

Each adventure would consist of between one and three locations, with the user describing each location's hidden secret, accompanied by uploaded photos and geo-tagging the location.

The highest awarded users stood a chance to win monthly prizes, the ultimate prize being a 72 hour weekend holiday in Shanghai, China.

Heineken - Open Your City Mobile Web App Development

What We Created

We developed the mobile user interface for all screens within the platform, based on the supplied designs. Various UX (User eXperience) techniques were implemented to ensure a pleasant user journey.

Phone detection was integrated to ensure that only mobile devices and tablets were able to engage with the platform.

Geolocation was used to detect a user and pin point to the hotspots that were within their vicinity.

Mobile image uploads by users required manipulation, to ensure they were optimised to a favourable quality and size.

One of the key features was the tracking of points that users accumulated throughout the campaign. This was accomplished by social media integration and a custom built mechanism to track and tally points.

BOOM! Another Successful project.

The mobile web application provided a user a friendly platform that enabled users from around the country to participate. Tons of user content was generated and the platform became a great source of travel inspiration.

Social media integration ensured that many adventures were shared across these channels resulting in new users joining the campaign and vast brand and campaign exposure.

A high emphasis on UX (User eXperience) meant that users could easily understand the process of joining, creating adventures, taking adventures and gaining points, which is critical for any mobile platform.

As a result of this successful campaign, Elemental Web Solutions and M&C Saatchi Abel won a Bronze Bookmark Award for the category “Use of User Generated Content”.


Elemental - Development
M&C Saatchi Abel - Design & Brand Leader
Heineken - Client



2016 Bookmarks Awards
Bronze User Generated Content