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Falken Tyres - Brochure Style Website

Falken Tyres - Brochure Style Website

We partnered with Falken Tyres and refurnished their website

Falken Tyres - Brochure Style Website

Client Requirements

Falken Tyres a worldwide famous tyre brand originating from Japan in 1983, recently entered the South African market.

The Brand therefore required a website in order to showcase their products and many motor sport events they are associated with.

The first phase of the project is providing them with a professional web presence. Additional phases have been planned and these include a content management system (CMS). Further informational sections about the product and the company and it’s involvement in South Africa.

What We Did

Elemental worked closely with Falken Tyres to firstly design the website, which includes powerful imagery of the brand in action and products, as well as a strong emphasis on the brand itself.

The website was then developed with the objective of being very user-friendly, allowing users to find product information, event information and press releases easily.

Users of the website can also download PDF catalogues of the product ranges, which they can use offline. Dealers who represent and sell the product throughout the country are also available.

BOOM! Another Successful project.

Falken Tyres have a clean designed, user-friendly, brand centric website which provides website visitors with more information about the company and the products they offer.

This first version of the website gives the brand a great online presence.

Motor sports enthusiasts can also keep up to date with the company's involvement at motor sport events via news articles, Youtube embedded videos and media releases.