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Dynamic Cities Investment Information Tool
Dynamic Cities Web Application

Dynamic Cities - Web Application

What is the best way to showcase Europe's most investable cities?

Presenting complex data shouldn't be complicated

Savills, a global real estate service provider, are well known for their vast insights into real estate investment.

Having vast amounts of investment data about Europe's cities, they wanted to showcase their knowledge and insight. This vision was to be produced through a web application, called Dynamic Cities.

Dynamic Cities serves as an online platform for investors looking for insightful investment data, which portrays Savills as a leader in the investment space.

Dynamic Cities Investment Information Tool

Slick UI design and interactive web functionality are a winning combination

Elemental teamed up with Firedog, a leading London based creative agency.

Firedog undertook the creative direction and User Interface (UI) design, placing special emphasis on the various interactive tools and graphing elements.

Elemental worked extremely closely with Firedog to ensure their vision for the web app was executed perfectly. Elemental was responsible for the storing and aggregating of the city data, the web application development (both front-end and back-end), testing and deployment.

Dynamic Cities Investment Information Tool

Representing insightful data is best done visually through powerful graphing tools

The investment data pertaining to each city is significantly vast, spanning various investment criteria and segments. A key challenge was the ability to display the aggregated data in a user-fiendly and visual manner. 

Numerous on page elements were designed and developed to achieve this including a customised map view, a city leaderboard, multiple custom graphs and a city comparison tool.

Innovative planning, design and coding was needed to ensure the interactive tools and graphs were accessible and usable on smaller mobile device screens.

BOOM! Another Successful Project.

The Winning Cities web application provides users with numerous screens, graphs and tools to visualise, understand and delve into investment data of Europe's most investable cities, with ease.

Intelligent data segmentation, combined with animated graphing tools result in a great user experience (UX).

A custom Content Management System (CMS) allows for quick and easy updating of investment data in a few clicks.

The combination of cutting edge user interfaces, together with highly insightful data and easy to use tools, 
ultimately makes the Dynamic Cities web app a great tool for users seeking investment information about Europe's top cities.