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Dream Resorts - E Commerce Website Development

Dream Resorts - Payment integration

We enhanced Dream Resort's website by enabling E-Commerce and EFT bookings

Integration: tying all the systems together

Our approach was to incorporate the payment process into the current website as opposed to the customer being redirected out of the website to a third party payment gateway, we also provided the user with an additional option to pay with EFT (instead of credit card / cheque).

We needed to restructure the flow of the full booking process from start to finish and introduce new steps where necessary. We developed and integrated the screen that allowed the user to make the payment on the website. 

Dream Resorts - E Commerce Website Development

Third party system integration

This online payment feature entailed creating a form which would capture the customer's credit card information and then integrating this information with the payment gateway seamlessly via an API. In other words, we encrypted the information, sent it to the payment gateway securely for processing, then receive confirmation if the transaction was successful or not.

Successful bookings were integrated with the internal reservation system to complete the reservation and inform the client. Customers who chose not to pay with their credit card have the option of paying via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Therefore they could complete the booking and make the payment within 72 hours of making the reservation.

BOOM! Another Successful Project.

The integration of the user-friendly payment process within the website creates a much more pleasant user-experience. It also re-enforces the brand by keeping the customer within a single environment with clear indication of which step they are in the complete booking process.

The EFT option provides users with the flexibility to make payment without a credit card. Dream Resorts benefit by accommodating clients who have this requirement and ultimately increase the amount of reservations and revenue.