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Brightspark - Online Dashboard Reporting

Brightspark - Dashboard and Reporting Tool

How we transformed raw data into an interactive electricity management tool

Client Vision

Brightspark Online provide various services relating to electricity, with the main focus being reducing consumption costs, understanding consumption profile and improving operations.

Elemental Web Solutions was approach by Brightspark Online to develop an online web application, to allow their clients to get real-time access to various aspects relating to their power consumption and to provide these clients with various tools to allow them to understand their requirements and how they can become more energy efficient.

One of the requirements was to make the tool look really slick and present data in a user-friendly way through the use of various graphs and visual dashboards.

Brightspark would typically spend a lot of time doing manual reports, calculations and forecasts, which they wanted to be automated.

Brightspark - Online Dashboard Reporting

The Solution

Due to the complexity of electricity, how it is billed, how the various tariffs and rules relating to each tariff work, Elemental had to undertake a vast learning exercise. Once completed, the entire project was scoped out with the client.

The web application firstly allowed Brightspark to manage various things like tariffs, costs, clients, etc…

Brightspark’s clients would then be able to login to the system and firstly interact with a highly graphical dashboard allowing them to get an accurate summary of their power consumption profile.

They would then be able to view further graphs and reports allowing them to see their daily, monthly and yearly consumption and costs, tariff related information; their actual spend versus their budget / target.

A variety of tools were also provided to allow the client to forecast their costs based on increased tariffs and consumption, to manage various branches within their organisation, etc...

BOOM! Another Successful project.

The web application firstly reduces the time that Brightspark need to spend when manually create reports, forecasts, etc… as this is fully automated.

The online  system allows their clients to get an accurate and powerful view of all the information related to their electricity consumption and profile, which they can use to make informed business decisions.

Powerful graphs and other tools allow them to forecast, plan and identify areas of improvement within their business. Therefore reducing costs and making them more efficient.

We recently embarked on a substantial project with Elemental. Our experience with the company has been exceptional to say the least. Their team has been incredibly thorough and meticulous in their planning and understanding of what we required. They set about developing the project and met our deadline and all milestones within the project on time. We found the team to be flexible, committed and highly professional. We found them to be solution driven which made it possible to actualise our final product. I have no hesitation in recommending Elemental for any web development work.

Anton Mayne -