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Body Switch - Custom Web Application Development

Body Switch - Franchise and client platform

How we transformed a franchise from pen and paper to a cloud based solution.

Client Brief

Elemental was briefed by a start-up franchise, “BodySwitch”, who focuses on personal health and provides healthy lifestyle coaching. We were asked to develop a platform (extranet) that would streamline their business and communication with their franchisees and clients.

The BodySwitch platform manages the entire franchisor-franchisee process and is an information source for their clients. The platform allows for the management of clients, consulting, and provides access to treatment plans, supplement purchases, appointment bookings, questionnaires and newsletters. We have not only focused on great functionality and an outstanding user experience, but also made sure that the platform has a great look and feel by displaying the information on the dashboard in a creative and visually appealing way.

Body Switch - Custom Web Application Development

What We Built

Elemental conducted workshops with the client to determine exact requirements. Specifications and supporting documents were generated and approved, before any development started.

We started by developing a web based system that was responsive and user friendly, making it easy for the client to navigate through the site. We created a platform that allows the client and franchisees to book appointments by making use of the calendar functionality, which sends you an email to confirm your appointment.

BOOM! Another Successful project.

BodySwitch received a responsive platform that met all their requirements and needs. The platform was able to accommodate multiple levels of logins and users which were able to see relevant information.

With BodySwitch making use of the new platform, it allows the client to have more control and power with regards to booking appointments, doing surveys and ordering supplements. The new platform automates the entire process saving BodySwitch time, money and needing fewer employees.

We approached four companies to build our web application. We chose Elemental as they understood the requirements and direction we wished to go from the start.

Frank Jonkers Founder