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Yardley - Custom Wordpress Website Development
Yardley Custom Wordpress Website Development

Yardley - Custom Wordpress Website Development

Breathing life into one of the world's most popular fashion brand's website

The Agency Brief

M & C Saatchi Abel, a Cape Town agency, required website expertise for a web development project. The client, Yardley London, a world-renowned beauty and fragrance brand, needed a new look and feel for their website.

The brief was to reskin the website, to make it more modern and relevant, and to work on the drop-down mega menu bar to make it more functional.

Additionally, we needed to introduce additional sections to the website, such as editorial sections and news sections / Blog posts.

Working Together

Elemental began by inspecting the original site, developed by a previous development house, to understand what and how the necessary changes needed to take place. The team of developers worked closely with the agency, within a tight time-frame, to fulfill Yardley London’s expectations. 

Custom post types were implemented for various bespoke content sections. A mega menu plugin was installed, configured, styled and customised to provide users with an easy and quick way to navigate through the various sections of the site. Certain upgrades were also done to the Wordpress core installation to make sure that the website is running the latest version.

Yardley - Custom Wordpress Website Development

BOOM! Another Successful Project.

Yardley London now has an improvement to their elegant website, which allows for better communication between the brand and its customers. Various new content areas mean that meaningful content is managed through the website's content management system.

Improvements in the
mobile / responsiveness of the site ensure that the end user experiences a pleasant user experience on their mobile device.