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Neotel - Web Based Cost Calculator Tool
Neotel Cost Calculator

Neotel - Cost Calculator

How we made the decision to choose a server extremely simple

The complexity of the various server options

Elemental was appointed by a Cape Town based Digital Agency to collaborate on a project for Neotel.

Neotel, is the second national operator for fixed line telecommunication services in South Africa. They provide a variety of services within the telecoms industry, one of them being servers within their data centre.

Due to the complexity of requirements and various options related to the selection of a server, many companies found this task quite daunting. Various interface desisgns were provided to Elemental which visually simplifies these selections and options.

Elemental was responsible for the creation of the web application, including web interfaces and functionality, based off the designs provided.

Logic, usability, functionality and process merged into one

Our initial task was to convert the designs provided into a web format, compatible with all major web browsers, this is also known as Slicing. The next step was to build the logic and functionality into the web tool to show various sections to the user based on their choices made.

Essentially creating the interactive workflow of the system. The tool was targeting a variety of decision makers within organisations and therefore this workflow assisted both technical users and non-technical users with their selection.

Neotel - Web Based Cost Calculator Tool

Rolling out the tool

The workflow components at disposal to the users were firstly questions with possible answers which the user answered to gauge their high level requirements.

Once they had completed these questions they were presented with a selection of server settings, which the user would engage with by moving custom built sliders to easily indicate their selections.

Once the user had completed the process they were promoted to enter their details and submit their enquiry, which was sent to sales staff who would contact them based on their individual needs.

BOOM! Another Successful Project.

This highly interactive web based tool allows various decision makers from highly technical, to non-technical to determine their server requirements for their organisation. The rich yet user friendly interface allows users to easily answer uestions and choose their individual requirements, in an interactive and engaging way, due to the components available for these selections.

Ultimately, this web app acts as a lead generation tool to Neotel. Sales staff who receive these enquiries already have vast information about the user's requirements through their answers and selections, making their job easier to omplete the sale of the solution.