Does Social Media have an impact on SEO?

We review the various reasons and factors that influence SEO from a Social Media point of view, and what can be done to constantly improve your SEO rankings via these social platforms.


Over the years well written, unique content has become one of the most important factors within any SEO strategy. SEO cannot be effective without a well-executed content plan. With that in mind, we will look at how SEO and Social Media Marketing (SSM) effectively work together to create a more powerful online marketing strategy.

The idea around writing unique and well written content and sharing it on Social Media platforms is that it will most likely be popular on Social Media, and people are most likely going to share it, like it and link to it, which in turn can boost your rankings as well as increase online visibility and traffic to your website. While the links from your social shares may not have the same SEO value as backlink from authoritative websites, they can influence on-site engagement and bounce rate.

Next time you do a search, notice that the high ranking websites will most likely have lots of Social Media efforts. In most cases, high ranking websites will also have high numbers of Social Media signals such as reviews, likes, shares, votes, pins or links on various Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social signals indicate a brand is being talked about.


The potential for link building:
How do you acquire more links to your website from Social Media platforms? The short answer is the more shares on Social Media you gain, the more opportunities your website has where people see your content and link to it. So, it is important to regularly post on Social Media and ensure your content is in line with your audience’s interests.

Build an audience:
With millions if not billions of potential people on some of the most popular Social Media platforms today, the chances of reaching your specific audience become a lot easier when sharing your content where people are most active. Social Media can be a great platform to help you build your brand and be more visible in front of potential customers who in some cases wouldn’t have otherwise found you.

Helps to promote your brand:
Apart from writing unique content that can be shared on Social Media platforms, you can also effectively use videos for brand awareness. If the content (video or writing) being produced is of no interest to the audience your brand awareness will gain no traction. The idea is to keep it creative, unique and really catchy,  in doing so, people will want to share this and your brand awareness will definitely increase over time.

Local SEO:
Make an effort to create a business listing on popular Social Media platforms, such as Google my Business, Facebook business page, LinkedIn business page, etc. Make sure you fill in as much info as possible, for example, your NAP citations (name – address – phone number, website address), include a keyword-rich description, a clear indication of your services and list your business trading hours.

Once your business listings are in place, social signals such as good reviews on Social Media platforms are gold for promoting your website on a local level and reinforce your brand’s credibility and trust. If you still do not have a business listing, it is important you get one ASAP. It is a simple process that can potentially have a great impact on how your business is listed across the web.




It is clear that Social Media can, in fact, help your SEO efforts especially on a content writing and brand promotion level. Using Social Media platforms is one of the best methods to promote your unique and well-written content and ultimately this will make it easier for people to find your business online.

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