What Are Dynamic & Responsive Ad Types?

The Google Ads platform is continuously giving you more options around what type of ads would be best suited to your business & the specific needs of your target audience. When building your first campaign you will find that you have various options when considering which type of ad you should use. The more common ad types being Search & Display ads, created with content you create, whether it be text or images.



Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads make use of user data to dynamically fill-in an ad templates. It essentially responds to user-behaviour with personalised ad-content. You also have the option to run text only, or image based, dynamic ads. Most commonly, dynamic ads are used in remarketing campaigns. After visiting a website, the system responds and re-engages the user, by serving personalized ads, across many different websites. The ads can then contain a product they viewed on your online store for example.



Responsive Ads

Responsive Ads can be used on Google’s search pages by using text lines supplied by the user or, on the Google Display network, where a combination of text and images are used to auto-generate a complete ad. Once you completed and launched your ad, the system would rotate the supplied text & images based on user search terms and the performance of certain text & image combinations.

The specialists at Elemental – Web Solutions understand that there is more to Google Ads than a linear approach and that using a combination of key features on the system is what makes or breaks your return on investment. Grow your business with Google Ads, contact us today!


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