How Google Shopping can help you sell more online

Online / E-Commerce Stores are increasingly growing in popularity among consumers in South Africa. With current statistics, Online Shopping is growing steadily year by year and the expected growth by 2021, is as much as 15% with a revenue of $4.7 Billion! (Source).

Since Google Shopping was tried and tested on the overseas market, and due to its incredible results, they quite recently in February 2017, offered this service to South Africa, providing new opportunities to online retailers.


With Google Shopping, the traditional way of searching on search engines has been kicked aside. Meaning a consumer no longer has to wade through site upon site until they find what they want.

Let’s use a cellphone as an example. When a consumer types in the words ‘buy cellphone’ it immediately provides top page results of cellphones for sale, seen below:

Google Shopping example buy cellphone

The great thing about Google is they don’t over complicate things, by clicking the ad, the consumer is directed straight to the product’s page, where they are then able to view the information in full and make the purchase.


Give your online products the spotlight, by appearing on top of search results on Google.

Get better-qualified leads by having impressive visuals and information-rich ads.

When updating products, it automatically updates due to Google’s automatic product feed that is linked to your online / E-commerce store.

Advanced reporting means that you can see what’s working and what’s not, with this information you can optimize your ads to avoid budget wastage.

Increase your site traffic. When a consumer clicks on your Google Shopping ad, they redirect to your website.

Beat your competitors. Do not be scared by trying different forms of online advertising. Chances are your competitors are using traditional methods. Google Shopping is fairly new and many online stores have yet to take advantage of this powerful marketing channel.


Google Shopping is a highly effective way of advertising your products online. Whether people are searching and shopping from home or on the go, make sure your products are found by your target audience, quickly and easily.

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