Find More Customers with YouTube – Google on Air Part 3

What is YouTube and why is it important in your media mix?

It’s fairly well understood that video media form part of most people’s favourite past times, and it’s estimated that by 2021 video material will reach 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Interestingly, the average length of a mobile viewing session on YouTube is now sitting at 40min! Simply look at your internet usage over the past 24 hours and you will notice how much video actually forms part of your current internet browsing habits and you will start to notice how these figures make sense.

What can we achieve with YouTube?

YouTube primarily works for two specific strategy types. On the one hand, you have the advertising machine where you can use YouTube’s extraordinary reach and advanced audience solutions to drive brand equity and sales. On the other, you have the content hub where you can create your own channel and engage with your audience through engaging “lifestyle” content.

The bigger question is how you can drive business results in a cross-screen video world?

1) Uplift in Awareness: You want to increase top of mind for your brand in a competitive space

2) Uplift in Favorability: You want to move your potential consumer’s perception of your brand and their preference choice

3) Store Visits: You want to increase the footfall to your stores during peak seasons. Store visits are unlikely to be a priority in 2020 however.

4) Online Purchases: You want to increase the leads and conversions on your e-commerce platform at a reasonable price.

Where does YouTube fit in?

YouTube can fit into multiple stages of your marketing funnel, from brand reach to sales driven remarketing and even customer retention strategies. What has also been noted is that around 55% of people who search for products on Google, end up doing research about the product on YouTube. This tells us that you can shift users from a research phase, into a buying phase with clever YouTube placements.

Each format in YouTube serves a specific purpose, or in other words, they are designed to meet specific user demands.

It’s also important to note which audience targeting types suit which YouTube ad format type.

The challenge when you are trying to get users to take action. Our job as marketers is to ensure that it’s easy for users to do so. By supplying useful information, relevant to a user’s intent is the number one priority and using the correct targeting and ad formats will allow you to receive more action from your audiences.

By using a clever combination of keywords, audience targeting & demographic information will allow you to capitalize on user behaviour rather than following a shotgun approach and spamming video content across the web. How does this work? Simply put, if you own an eCommerce store selling motorcycles, you can target keywords such as “new motorcycles or sale” which will lead to the user seeing your store’s video ads on YouTube for up to 7 days after making the search on Google.

It goes without saying that bidding plays a massive role in performance as well, and if you would like more insights around how bidding can assist in campaign performance improvements you can read more on it here:

Outside of the bidding realm, your creative needs to be on point to achieve your desired results. In terms of video, however, both visual and audio elements are equally important. A study done by Harvard business review indicates that 49% of your campaign success sits with the visual and audio of your creative, whereas only 36% of performance can be attributed to price promotions and the likes. The remaining 15% is attributed to your brand strength, loyalty and trustworthiness. Even though you are using the right ad formats, targeting and bidding strategies, you will not see the same results as brands using strong creatives. Following the checklist below will ensure that you see performance improvements and is highly recommended when working on your creatives (video and banner ads).

1) Ad Introduces the product & invites action:
* Establishes the need, rationale, or use case for the product
* Introduces the product heroically and shows off its features and benefits
* Has a specific, direct offer/deal/promotion and/or call-to-action

2) Ad is optimised to stand out on mobile:
* Wins attention in first 5 seconds
* Holds attention with fast pacing/cuts
* Close cropping & bright footage
* Graphics/text/logos are big and well-positioned in the frame

At Elemental, we believe that adding video to your marketing mix, especially in 2020, is a great way of connecting with a larger audience and creating the intent to convert on your website. For more information or assistance with your online campaign management, contact us today!

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