Elemental’s Approach to Limiting the Spread of Covid-19

We at Elemental would like to outline our approach to this dilemma and how we plan to limit the spread of Covid-19 as well as keeping our team and clients safe.

First off, we wanted to express that we are proceeding with business as usual. Our client’s and team are our number one priority at this stage. As we discussed in our latest newsletter, we will not have any onsite meetings at our offices and all communication will be done via phone and/or Google Hangouts.

Our quality of work and efforts will remain the same throughout these trying times.

We would like to assure you that we have the health of our team and the wellbeing of you, our clients, at the top of our minds.

Our Approach

Since the first case hit the Western Cape, we have kept a close eye on the pandemic to better understand what we need to do, how to prepare and the plans we need to have in place.

With this in mind, we have implemented strict office health and safety processes as well as educating and informing our teams of all possible outcomes that may arise both from a business and health perspective.

We have put new communication channels and methods in place to ensure that we can communicate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To accompany the above we have implemented the following measures:

Temporary remote work policy

One of the measures we have put in place to limit the potential exposure and spread of the virus is social distancing. We have implemented a work from home policy where all our employees have been given the resources to work remotely.

To ensure that our work can continue as best as possible, we have spent the last week getting all the equipment, materials and other items to ensure that our team can work as if they were still in the office while remaining safe in the comfort of their own homes.

Skeleton Staff at our Offices

A handful of the members of our team have the option to continue working at the offices for as long as they are comfortable and willing to do so.

To keep them safe, however, we have implemented a policy to ban all meetings happening at either our offices or clients offices. Our suppliers are also not allowed to enter our offices. All orders will be dropped off and signed for at the entrance of our offices.

This is purely to limit the risks to both our teams, our clients as well as the general public.

Visitor policy

As mentioned above, we aren’t going to be having meetings at our offices nor our clients. We do have a doorbell that can be rung to deal with outlying circumstances but we won’t be allowing visitors in.

Our goal is to keep everyone safe as best we can.

Supporting you

As we know, Covid-19 is having and going to have far-reaching impacts on businesses and economies across the board. In our attempt to help where we can, we will be supporting and helping your business continue to operate and function as much possible.

At the moment our team is healthy and eager to continue working. We will continue to keep you updated as much as possible through our various channels. We would also please request that you keep us in the loop and informed should there be any changes made to the way you operate if we are affected at all.

Please keep safe, healthy and well during this time. Remember that we are stronger together. Let’s fight back and keep going.

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