Our 15 Year Anniversary – The Elemental Story

Our Story


Angelo & Jerry had one thing in common, a serious passion for all things technology. Two very different personalities that work so well together. They decided to follow their dreams and start Elemental – Web Solutions.

Want to picture what the first day at the office was like? Two young developers with very little business experience, coding day and night to make their dreams come true. The days were long, the nights were longer… but man, they had fun!

Angelo And Jerry - Elemental

You could consider Angelo the face of the brand, the sales guru and spokesperson if you will. He has the drive to succeed and often spends his spare time learning to self improve and apply this to the business. Jerrys’ main focus is strategy, structure and processes, he keeps the engine running! Although he’s not all that serious, he strongly believes in keeping the company culture alive making sure the team has fun in between all the hard work.

These two personalities work effortlessly together and we believe, why Elemental is so successful today.

They started small and aimed to keep it that way. People get lost in big companies and employees just become a number, this is not what they envisioned for Elemental. By keeping to a smallish team, sharing the same values of a strong work ethic and producing work of amazing quality, this is how our culture became what it is today.

We grew a little more

As our team slowly started growing, so did our client base. From welcoming our first international client in 2007 to securing our first tender for the development of a sustainable platform from Fruit South Africa. Things really started progressing from here.

Angelo & Jerry knew the key to growing a prosperous business was to acquire bigger and more mature clients, especially those that are serious about their business and respected our processes and services.

As the years went on and we started recruiting more Developers, Ryno joined our team, a decade later he is still part of the Elemental family and we recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary, how amazing is that!

Ryno’s brother Nico, also a Developer, is going on 8 years, we’ll soon also have another reason to celebrate! Nico joined the Elemental family with very little experience, but through the guidance of Angelo & Jerry, extreme hard work and dedication, he has blossomed into the talented Developer he is today and leading the development team if we may add.

Ryno - Elemental Developer

A whole new world

Originally from Almere Holland, Jerry returned to his home town to open our second office in 2014 where it ran successfully for roughly three years. His love for the ocean grew too strong and he made his way back to sunny Cape Town with his wife and two kids.

Naturally, his hands were itching to start a new adventure. What did he do you ask? Digital Marketing, a whole new division born in 2017 expanding our service offering to a whole new level.

Where are we now?

15 years later, with a team of 16 exceptionally talented individuals, and a bunch of super loyal clients we celebrate our 15th Birthday!

Over the years we’ve been privileged to work with many of the world’s biggest brands. BMW, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Lego, Heineken (which we also won an award for, if we may add), Adidas, Toyota, to name a few. This is testament to the level of work provided and the trust our clients place on us to deliver.

We work incredibly hard, we’re focused and always give a 110% but we also believe in taking a break, that is why we dedicate our Friday afternoons to playing some table tennis or pool, maybe even starting up the old arcade machine all while enjoying a cold brewski. We are human after all 😉

As a brand, we are constantly learning and improving to reach our full potential. Along the journey, we’ve rebranded a few times, here’s a sneak peek of how our logo has transitioned over time.

Elemental Logo

You made it happen

Our Clients

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for each and every one of you. Thank you all for sticking with us for 15 years. You helped us to realise our dreams, pursue our passions and most importantly, we got to help you reach yours.

We are super excited to see what the next chapter has in store for us here at Elemental but also how we can help you grow further.

The Elementals

It’s your dedication that contributed to our success. Every idea shared, and every opportunity seized by you helped us achieve the heights. Thank you for inspiring us!

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Having been established in 2005, in Cape Town, South Africa, Elemental is primarily focused on providing web development services and digital marketing campaigns.