How we work with digital & advertising agencies

Elemental has over the years become somewhat specialized in working with various types of agencies, assisting them with various web-based projects. These types of agencies include digital, advertising, design, marketing, creative and experiential.

While the type of agency may differ, the projects we’ve worked on all have some sort of website or web application component. These agencies rely on us to do either full projects from UX and UI, through to the full development, deployment and finally support and maintenance, while others use us only for development.

The three main reasons why agencies call on Elemental are either due to skillset shortage, capacity issues or they require consulting and advice on projects.


Some of our clients have no in-house web development resources, therefore, we essentially become their web development team of choice. We are therefore trusted with all of the aspects that relate to the web and we deliver accordingly. This works extremely well with creative agencies which have strong creative and strategic skills but no technical skills. They are able to create all the visual elements and designs yet they cannot execute the project.

Certain agencies have in-house developers but they are only versed with certain skill sets and technologies, for example, they only do WordPress sites or they only have front-end development skills.

We then complement this in-house team by doing aspects of projects that require very specific skillsets which they do not possess. These skillsets range from front-end responsive and animated slicing, custom development (both backend and front end), experience with front-end and back-end frameworks such as Angular JS, Laravel, Code Igniter, etc…

Therefore we are able to collaborate on projects together and produce the desired end product.


Even though some agencies have in-house development resources, they are typically inundated work and have no capacity to complete new web projects.

In this scenario, we would then partner up with the agency and provide development, project management, and quality assurance (QA) services to ensure the project is completed and delivered according to their requirements.


Many agencies that we have dealt with have ideas or concepts that they wish to explore and determine how feasible they would be a successful project.

Elemental assists these companies by consulting to them and providing valuable advice based on the vast amount of industry experience we’ve gained.

Through a series of discovery sessions and workshops, we are able to flesh out what the client really wants and if there are alternative solutions to the problem at hand.

We also provide UX and wireframing services and specification documents in which the solution is scoped completed. Once the client is happy with the scoped project it then moves into the development lifecycle.


Agencies are often seeking the services of a reliable web development partner who has the experience, technical skillset, correct processes with strong communication and the ability to deliver on projects which are outsourced to them.

Elemental has years of experience in providing local and international agencies with world-class web development services and brings heaps of value through this experience. We have completed numerous web-based projects (often with tight deadlines) successfully and are extremely confident in our ability to provide value to agencies by being either their development partner or choice or an extension of their existing web development team.

If you are an agency (regardless of location) and are looking for a company that you can depend on, look no further and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Having been established in 2005, in Cape Town, South Africa, Elemental is primarily focused on providing web development services and digital marketing campaigns.