Celebrating Nico being with us for 8 years!

This year marks a milestone anniversary for Nico, our development team lead, who has been with us for eight years.. From a humble start to where he is now as been an exciting journey for us at Elemental as well as the team he has built. We couldn’t be happier to have kept Nico for this long. He has become an anchor in the department over the last 8 years. 

To mark the eight years, we did a little Q and A session with him to touch on his experience and journey here at Elemental. Read a bit more below:

A Q&A with Nico

Q: So what do you do at Elemental?

A: I am a senior developer and the team lead. This means that I manage and oversee the projects that we at Elemental are working on.

My secondary role is to assist and train the rest of the team by keeping them updated with the latest trends and insights to ensure that we remain on top of our game at all times.

Q: How would you say Elemental has impacted your skills and growth over the last 8 years?

A: Everything I have learned over the last 8 years is thanks to Elemental, thanks to all the awesome projects and challenges.
When I started out, all that I knew was a little CSS and HTML, fast forward 8 years, I now lead a team and build projects!

Thanks to the guidance of Angelo and Jerry, I have a wide range of skills that I have mastered over the years and I am now able to build some of the larger more complex projects.

Q: How have Jerry or Angelo impacted your growth as a Developer?

A: If it wasn’t for Jerry and Angelo who gave me the opportunity, I wouldn’t be the Developer I am today and for that I am deeply grateful.

I started at Elemental as an Intern with very little knowledge of development. Through the years of guidance and support, I have a wealth of knowledge that I can draw on. My career and the shape that it has taken over the past 8 years is thanks to them.

Q: What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learnt while at Elemental?

A: The biggest lesson I have learnt is that you can never sit idle as a developer, there is always room to improve.

In other words, sitting still stifles your growth. It limits the knowledge you can get by jumping onto the more complex projects. Asking questions and more importantly, taking each opportunity that you are given as the potential to gain more experience.

Q: You’ve been working at Elemental for 8 years now. What makes you stay?

A: I am really happy working for Elemental and the great team we have here. I have absolutely no reason to leave.

I mean, I understand that the industry has a faster-moving reputation behind it but Elemental is more like home. We have built a great team over the years that I can’t leave that behind.

With the leadership, culture and opportunities, this is where it is happening. This is my home away from home.

Q: What piece of advice would you give yourself when you first became a Developer?

A: The more monitors the better.

Working off just one or two monitors slows you down. If I could’ve had the four monitors that I have now sooner, I think I could’ve learnt a lot faster haha, kidding… I like to be as efficient with my work as possible and with my current four monitor setup and I can cover more code ground.

Q: What is your favourite thing about working at Elemental?

A: To work on awesome projects that challenge my ability. These projects are what make the days more exciting.

I love being able to lead the team that I do. I have an opportunity to pay forward the knowledge that was given to me and I can see my team grow as I did. The experience behind that is awesome.

Q: What advice would you give someone looking for a new dev job?

A: The first piece of advice I would give is to never be arrogant. It doesn’t serve well in most environments and can get you into trouble more often than not.

Secondly, be humble with your knowledge. Share it, grow it and master it. Use your knowledge to help push to learn more. Grow your desire to become the best developer that you can be.

Q: How do you deal with stressful moments?

A: Taking a timeout, walking away from my computer, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a smoke outside.

This allows me to clear my brain and think of the problem or stressful situation from a new perspective which provides clarity.

The Elemental way

We at Elemental strongly believe in creating opportunities for our team to grow and develop. Our goal from the start as been to create a culture that invites the team to grow with us. By investing in them and what they are passionate about we are able to retain and build a team that lasts.

Our goal was to not follow the industry trend where developers or any of team leaves after a year or two. Elemental, to us, is a family business that has been built over the years. We depend and rely on each of us to deliver excellent results.

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