What is project discovery & how does it benefits our clients?

When clients deal with web agencies they typically brief the agency on their requirements and expect a quotation and timeline for the project in return.

This approach is somewhat flawed, as clients at times don’t always know what’s best for their business when it comes to web projects and by briefing an agency there are key parts of the solution that are not uncovered and included as part of the project. There are also web-based solutions that the client may not even be aware of. By making decisions based on what they think or feel are the areas that need addressing without properly analyzing the business, may result in an end product or solution that lacks true complete value.

This is where project discovery comes in. Project discovery is the process of various interactions between the client and the web agency to get an intricate view of the business and uncover valuable issues that need to be included as part of the final solution.


A key part of the discovery process is to understand the client’s business better. This includes getting to know key aspects such as the client’s products and services, their processes, who are their competitors and what are they doing from a marketing point of view.

It also includes things like understanding the industry, trends, and market they are operating in and what problems their customers have that our client provides a solution to.

We want to find out the client’s stated needs and take all these factors into consideration when designing the final solution.


Our approach is not a single meeting but a series of interactions and workshops, whereby research and preparation are done between meetings, ultimately providing tons of value throughout the process, while guiding the client throughout the process.

Through these workshops and interactions, we uncover various crucial pain points and problems within the business that the client may not have known existed, which has a huge impact on the outcome of the project.


By understanding all the factors related to this business and uncovering pain points and problems, we are able to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

These opportunities form part of the final solution and therefore address specific business needs which ultimately provide much more valuable than the client’s initial brief.

The outcome of this entire process is the solutions proposal and a clearly defined scope of work, with a road map of the rollout.


If you are serious about your business and want to make vast improvements that yield actual results, improvement, and growth, then Elemental’s project discovery process is perfect for you. Reach out to us and our team of experts will gladly assist you.

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