Importance of a website support & maintenance agreement

This article covers the importance of a support and maintenance contract for your website, web application, intranet or e-commerce site.

A Support and Maintenance Contract is a service agreement, also known as a monthly retainer. This agreement is entered to by the website maintenance company (in this case Elemental Web Solutions) and the client; where the client will pay a monthly fee in advance to support and maintain their website, as well as deal with issues which arise from time to time. Minor website changes are also catered for in the agreement.


One would be surprised as to how many clients make use of such an agreement and how it has been highly beneficial to the client knowing there is support when needed, regardless of the country as we support websites in the United Kingdom (UK / England), Holland, Australia, Switzerland and of course South Africa.

Over the years we have seen that due to a number of changes, trends and new technologies that are available online, it is important to constantly update your website with the latest software. In the case of WordPress websites and other open source content management and e-commerce systems, this includes upgrading the core versions of the software as well as upgrading the plugins that are installed with the latest versions.


Other relevant changes are related to search engines and how they rank your website when searches are performed. A major factor these days is how often your website changes and the content on the website being updated and added frequently. Therefore complying with these requirements on an ongoing basis will further improve your ranking (as well as other SEO factors).

This, of course, will be covered by the agreement and we will constantly be informing the client of ways to improve the website in order to create a better user experience, generate more traffic to the site, as well as keep it safe and secure.

In saying this, we advise as many companies as possible to make use of this monthly retainer. Beyond its significant track record, it gives us and our clients peace of mind knowing that should anything happen we are able to attend to it, as we understand the importance of your website and the impact it could have on your business if not attended to timeously.

The online world is fast and forever changing if your website is down or there is a problem and a potential lead is looking for a service/product, the bad news is that they will most likely leave your site and up on your competitor’s website giving them the business.


If you ever feel uneasy or have any questions about your website, its functionality, how to improve it or changes that you might want, please free to contact our team of experts, who can use many years of experience in advising you how to best improve your website’s performance.

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