Sure Trading – Behind the scenes – part 2 – Member Portal

Kicking off from where we left off from our previous article where we covered the subscription-based membership system for the Sure Trading website. We now cover the member’s portal, which is a secure part of the website that members are able to access.

This member’s portal is crammed with features including an intuitive dashboard, courses, meeting recordings, downloads and other nifty features. This is essentially a self-management portal that allows web technology to serve the member’s needs.

Checking For Valid Membership

The members portal is accessible to all members. However, the first check that we perform when a member logs in, is to see whether they have a valid subscription. If they do, great, then they can access the member’s only content.

If their membership has lapsed and they are no longer valid members, they are still able to login to their profile. They do get presented with a limited member portal (no access to features and member content) where they can renew / pay for their membership to gain full access to all member features.

Super Cool Dashboard

When designing and building this website we knew that members would be logging in and out of their profile often. We really wanted to make their life and user journey as easy as possible to allow them to continue where they left off on their course.

To address this we figured that a really slick dashboard would be a great feature that would show the member what they were busy watching last (as they can easily forget this) and what their next course video is.

The dashboard also gives the member a quick indication of their overall progress – through the use of cool graph indicators, this gives the member insight as to how far they are overall and gives them that endorphin rush when they see the indicator move closer to completion.

Quick calls to actions are also part and parcel of the dashboard, to allow the member to quickly access the latest online recorded meetings, saving them the hassle of having to go to a new section to access this information. Again we wanted to make this super easy and fast for the member to access what they wanted with the least clicks as possible.

Training Course Videos

Sure Trading produces a series of training videos that form part of courses, which their members can watch as part of their journey to learn how to trade the markets.

Learning trading and all its technicalities can be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to getting up to speed with all the jargon, techniques, strategies and platforms. To make things easier for their members to learn, the videos were grouped into categories (which can be thought of as a course). This helps the members to watch videos that are related to each other and part of a specific course.

The categories and videos are also ordered in a specific sequence so that they can be watched in a logical order that enhances the member’s learning and follows a natural learning path. We thought it could be useful to only allow certain courses to be unlocked once the previous course was fully watched but we felt this to be too restrictive as the members vary in experience and skill, so making them watch beginner course videos would frustrate them. So we opted for a more flexible approach where the member has the freedom to watch whichever course videos they wish.

For the selection video player that was to be used, it was a toss-up between YouTube, Vimeo or an embedded video player. In the end, we opted to make use of the Vimeo player for a number of reasons. Firstly these videos can be privately hosted by Vimeo and the costs were negligible. Another cool feature is that Vimeo allows us to track a user’s viewing progress, meaning we can store which video’s they’ve watched. The embedded Vimeo video player also has no ads and suggestions once the video has been watched, which was important as we wanted to keep the user focused on the videos that they’re watching as part of the course that they are completing, so the less distraction the better. Finally, Vimeo buffers videos really nicely and allows playback at various quality levels. The development to integrate the video player was fairly simple as Vimeo provided the code needed to embed the player into the member portal.

Coupled with the videos, Sure Trading are able to load additional information about the video and accompanying downloadable files. So if someone is watching a video on a technical indicator for example, they can download a PDF cheat sheet document that they can use offline.

Daily Meeting Recordings

Sure Trading also hosts daily online meetings with their members, which take place over Zoom calls. These meetings are packed with valuable information and insights from more experienced members. The recordings of these meetings are loaded into the member’s area and available to be watched at any time and as many times as the members please.

This is useful as it allows members who have missed the meetings to catch up in their own time and also re-watch certain parts that are particularly important.


Not only are the course videos and online meeting recordings available for the members to consume, Sure Trading have also put together documents and cheatsheets, which are available for download. The download section houses different media that can be downloaded and consumed offline by the members.

Scalable Platform

Sure Trading has invested in having the customer portal developed into their website so that their members can access vital information and also self manage certain data. Now that they have this technology in their business, this allows them to expand and scale their business, by taking on more paying members without having to incur more costs or spend more time for each member that they sign up. This frees them up to focus on what they are really good at, which is creating course material for their members.

The member portal also allows the members to gain access and consume content regardless of where they are or when they want to access this information. Intuitive yet simplistic User eXperience (UX) design and custom web development, ensures a member portal is a fun place for the members to improve their trading educational journey and track their progress.

We love developing bespoke member portals

The Sure Trading project is one of many projects where we’ve had to design and develop a member portal AKA customer portal. This is something that we’ve got loads of experience in and it’s really something that we enjoy tremendously. Our clients benefit from our understanding of the intricacies and complexities that come with this sort of custom development but for us, it’s part and parcel of what we do all the time.

Need a member portal to be custom developed for your business?

Give us a shout and we’d be happy to chat about your specific requirements and how we can assist you.

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