Choosing the right outsourcing development agency – Part 3

In this final article, we conclude the last few points to consider when making the crucial decision about which service provider to choose when wanting to outsource web development work.


Great web development companies like to fully understand the client’s business inside out and also the project requirements and the impact that the tech will have on the business. You really want a service provider that will act as a technology partner/product owner.

How this differs from many traditional web development companies is that they understand the business requirements and what the client is aiming to achieve but scrutinise certain aspects of the project to determine if they can be done a different but better way.

Being a product owner allows the web development agency to not only take instructions but to be proactive and make suggestions based on their experience that the client may have never thought of. Clients love this and value this as they are making their product better which will positively impact the users and ultimately their business.


Having a great team of developers doesn’t necessarily mean that the project will be successfully delivered on time and to the desired quality that the client expects. This is where project management comes in and we’re not talking about account management either.

Project management ensures that the project is planned correctly, resources are allocated as needed, all project management tools are set up and communication channels are established.

Proper planning and management of the project ensures that the best practices have been applied to make the project a success. Communication of the project’s progress is fundamental and dealing with roadblocks can be quickly overcome with strong project management. If there is no real project management in place this can end in a costly disaster.

Project management also provides the client with transparency of how the project is progressing against preset milestones.


Support and maintenance of your website, web application or Intranet is extremely important. Once your project is complete, will the development company be able to provide the support that you require? This is another factor that needs to be discussed and agreed upon early on in the relationship to ensure that the appropriate measures, systems, and contracts are in place.

Without such support, this can be problematic and the risk of not being able to attend to any issues and upgrades timeously could have a direct impact on the end-user and business.

Ensure that a proper support system or Service Level Agreement (SLA) is in place and that your website, web app or intranet will be supported when it launches. Support provides the client with the comfort and peace of mind that should issues arise there are processes in place to deal with these timeously.

An SLA can also be used to add more features and functionality down the line, as required by the client, allowing the product to constantly evolved into a better version.


Digital marketing and web development go hand in hand. Digital marketing is the process of marketing the website online to get more traffic to the website, with the goal of increasing leads, sales, enquiries and/or bookings. There are many forms of digital marketing such as:

  1. SEO
  2. Paid Media
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing and the list goes on. 

More importantly, having a company that you can rely on to manage your online presence from both a development and marketing perspective offers the following benefits:

  • Both marketing and dev are aligned on the goals of your company
  • Can work closer together and quicker
  • Have 1 service provider (quicker, cheaper and less comms from the client if having to deal with more than 1 SP). 


In closing, there are many factors that should be considered when making a decision to appoint an outsourced web development agency. Some of these criteria may not be applicable and others might not be important but it is clear that doing the necessary due diligence reduces risks and enhances the success of the project.

At Elemental Web Solutions, we take outsourced development projects very seriously and we have been appointed on many occasions as the development team, a role which we have fulfilled extremely well and have delivered on our client’s requirements. Through these projects, we forged strong relationships with our clients and still continue to provide them with web world-class web development work and act as a technology part that our clients trust and value.

If you are considering outsourcing web development work to a reputable, competent and reliable company look no further. We are here to assist you throughout the project development lifecycle. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.


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