Intranet systems for businesses

Intranet systems, also known as web applications, workflow systems or web-based tools, are seriously overlooked in the world of business. Most small to medium-sized companies cannot afford to have the software developed for them to help manage their businesses. There is of course software out there that you can purchase, however, this software is very generalised and aims to meet the needs of a large range of customers, with more generic solutions.

This type of generic software is difficult to customise to a company’s unique needs and usually forces them to customise their business to the software instead, which is not an ideal situation. Therefore most companies simply have no choice but to run their business on office products like word and excel, etc…

This is where Intranets systems are perfect. Not only can they be developed at a fraction of the cost of traditional software, but they can be completely tailored to a company’s unique business requirements. These intranet systems can give you access to your business from anywhere in the world at any time, this is due to the fact that intranets run in a web browser.

Examples of such software include:

  • A secure document management system for multiple users
  • Software that can organise appointments, invoices, clients, etc…
  • A fully-fledged process/workflow management system


Intranets, if designed correctly collect and store vast amounts of historical data. Therefore summaries, reports and graphs can be integrated to turn this vast amount of data into valuable business information. This information is easily accessible, easy to understand and visual.

This newly accessible information allows businesses to identify problematic areas in their business, make informed business decisions as they have information previously not available, improve processes and assess the company as a whole.

So next time your business needs access to critical business information, experiences bottlenecks or has inadequate systems in place, remember an intranet system is probably the perfect solution.

Elemental Web Solutions has developed numerous intranets for their clients. Each intranet has been designed and developed to the client’s unique requirements. These clients have benefited tremendously from choosing to make use of an intranet to assist with the running of their business. Should you wish to find out more, please contact us.

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