Improve your E-Commerce sales with cart abandonment solutions – Part 2

In part 1 of this 3 part series, we previously covered various items that contribute to the abandonment of an e-commerce shopping cart.

In part 2 we uncover and delve into further items that may be causing your online shop to lose valuable sales.


When shopping online, it can be highly frustrating when expecting to pay a price for the advertised product, only to find that the extra costs and fees push the final price way above what you initially anticipated. One of the most notorious costs to discover you’re being charged with is outrageously high shipping/delivery costs.

Generally, consumers hate paying for shipping costs, so much so that it could be considered one of the biggest reasons for the abandonment of their shopping cart order.

So we understand that people dislike shipping costs but what they dislike even more is being surprised with shipping costs. It is import to be upfront and clear about these costs as you can possibly be. Be upfront about how much it will cost to get your products to your customers.

There are cases where this is acceptable, for example, delivery distance needs to be calculated based on the client’s delivery address, which needs to be done at the checkout stage. Other than that, keep your customers informed of delivery and other costs as early as possible to avoid them leaving your online shop.


The goal of your e-commerce website is to allow people to transact and pay as easily and quickly as possible. If your site only has a single or very few payment options, you could be obstructing the transaction to take place.

Today consumers have many payment options available to them. Credit cards are an obvious “must-have” but other payment options exist and provide your customers with additional choices.

Options such as Instant EFT, Mobicred, traditional EFT, as well as various loyalty rewards payments are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst younger consumers.

Offering various payment options eliminates another reason for consumers to abandon their shopping cart and shop elsewhere. You’re essentially providing the customer what they want, which ultimately is going to benefit you, due to increased sales.


So, the consumer has been through your site, added products to their shopping cart but for some or other reason they’ve decided that they no longer want to transact and they leave your site.

There is one last opportunity for you to save the transaction and keep them on your site: the exit popup.

An exit popup can be installed on all pages of your e-commerce website and is triggered when a user is about to leave the website. The exit popup is essentially a popup window that encourages the consumer to stay by offering some sort of promotion/deal or presenting them with further information.

This really simple, yet powerful piece of technology can rescue transactions or get consumers to sign up for other deals/offers, allowing you to communicate and engage with them in the future.

Below are examples of two types of exit popups.

This popup offers the consumer the opportunity to get a 15% discount, but in exchange, we request their email address.

Here is another example of an exit popup that reminds the consumer that they have items in their shopping cart, with the link to the shopping cart.


This concludes the end of part 2 in this three-part series. Stay tuned to our last addition to this BLOG.

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