Is your company suffering from an excel nightmare?

Since we all know how useful Excel is, you are probably wondering what we mean by an Excel nightmare? Most businesses use Excel as a tool for data capturing, sharing, collaborating and reporting, however, it is completely inadequate, at times unreliable and not the correct tool to run a business effectively.

This often results in tasks taking longer, work getting overwritten or lost and ultimately is an inefficient and at times, a frustrating way to work, hence the term an Excel nightmare.


While Excel does have many powerful features, it also lacks in others. To Excel’s credit, it was never designed to have these features, to begin with:

  • It does not provide users with a user-friendly interface to capture information.
  • There is a lack of validation on data entry.
  • Notifications don’t exist.
  • Dashboards/reporting are only available to users who know how to create macros.
  • Sharing amongst multiple users can be cumbersome and problematic.


We’ve encountered many companies using Excel to run their businesses and use this program as the main information repository. This outdated way of working results in lost time, money and lack’s critical business data.

Companies these days need streamlined, efficient and easy to use tools, which allow them to be more productive and get access to information at the click of a button as well as automated notifications.

Having access to this information allows them to get an instant insight into key business areas and functions, allowing them to make an analysis and vital decisions.


We have helped many businesses of varying sizes that have experienced an Excel nightmare, by designing and building custom web-based tools that address the key problems and issues in a business. Many of these issues cannot be solved with Excel. These bespoke web-based apps are made with efficiency in mind, ensuring that capturing data is simple, easy and user-friendly.

These tools are designed to your specific business processes and requirements and provide access to various staff members and stakeholders with varying levels of permissions.

Scalability and knowing that these tools can grow, as your business does, is comforting. We can add more features and integrate with 3rd party systems as required.

Powerful, visual dashboards and reporting tools provide users with access to big data within the organization.


Many companies are working with an old mindset – keep using what isn’t broken. While this saying is often true in some situations, there are many situations where it does more harm than good. The fact is that companies need to innovate and constantly become more efficient. Using the latest technology is one way to achieve these goals.

The number of companies in every industry is growing and competition is rife. So, using your resources in an effective way and being able to make critical business decisions at the right time has a huge impact. Having the right information to make these decisions is crucial and sharing this information smoothly is equally important. By using our custom web-based tools you can achieve this.

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