Facebook mobile application development

Facebook apps for mobi are like any other mobi website which uses HTML5, Javascript and CSS. The only thing that differentiates mobi Facebook app from a normal mobi site is the Facebook API that gets used.

You start off by registering your app on the Facebook developers website.

When creating the mobi pages, you will integrate your app with Facebook by using either the PHP or Javascript API. This basically allows you to get access to a set of functions which your app can communicate with the Facebook platform in a structured manner.

These Facebook mobi apps can be used to run competitions where Facebook users can invite friends and make comments about it on their wall.

Games can also be made to promote brands and rankings can be shared on their wall.

Facebook apps, therefore, don’t need to be installed on mobile devices, like Android or iOS apps as it runs in the mobile phone’s browser. It might, however, ask for permissions to access information like your likes, birth date, email or your friends and whether or not it can post to your wall.

A lot of people only have access to Facebook through their mobile phone. So if you are thinking about launching a Facebook app for desktop/tablet, you should seriously consider creating a mobile version too, which will result in your campaign reaching a larger market, better penetration and a more successful application. It will also allow you to stand out from your competition as many of the existing Facebook applications are only designed and developed for the desktop version of Facebook.

We have successfully designed, developed and implemented many successful Facebook Applications, for various brands, competitions and campaigns. These have been both on desktop as well as a mobile complimentary version. Should you require any assistance with a Facebook Application you want to launch, please contact us, to discuss your requirements.

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